Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Reqiem for a Dinosaur

Wide-eyed, awestruck. Three spikes for defense of thick hide.
Museum display frozen in time
Haunting memory now error
What was not, was once and is no more

Where did you go?
Do you stand with Zeus, Thor or Pluto?
Once devoted, now demoted to myth or footnote
An asterisk in a textbook
Attributed to folly, misinterpretation or poor scholarship

The dreams do not fade, memory persists
Are you simply our creation to destroy?
Or, by creating do we give you life
And with it, the burden of death?
A yoke around your neck
And a seat by Lamarck or Ptolemy at the feast.
Avoiding Nietzsche's gaze while polishing your horns?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

In the Grease

For Melanie

With graceful turns at languid pace the moon
revolves, and rabbit plays his game of chase.
While far below in silent spin the race
of Earth may stand transfixed in awe of tune
celestial.  Yet through the night are strewn,
unseen by nearly every upturned face,
the tell-tale signs of Clotho's wondrous grace:
of time aligned in time and none too soon.
This yarn, so finely plied of silken thread,
envelops all.  And yet we cannot see
nor hear, nor taste nor touch and feel its hand,
'til neath the ground we lastly make our bed.
What staple length allows a draft so free
when moons as whorls may spin at your command?